vending machines monterrey mexico
install and setup of vending machines



Mounting of equipment at no cost to work 24hrs. Prices for each snack, will be between $ 1.00 or 50 ȼ lower than in OXXO & 7Eleven. Visible phone & Email will to contact in case of suggestions.

systems of vending machines

Vending machines

  • The latest machine models to avoid malfunction.
  • It will have the technology "PosiVend" that guarantees 100% delivery of your product or refund your money.
  • Fast solutions in case that you need technical assistance.
productos of vending machines


The machine will always be stocked and have a refill program to avoid running out of product.

We'll take care of the cleaning of the machine, important to generate trust and confidence.

We offer the best product options and through market research, we determined the products our customers prefer.

Employees will no longer go out from your office to buy snacks, and it will create a more comfortable work environment, willingness to work better, large expiration date, acept coins and bills we have our own technical service, unlike large corporations are not limited to working with a single brand of products, personal attention, etc.

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